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Closure Notice





Re-Opening of The Jamaica Archives Unit (JAU)

The Jamaica Archives and Records Department is pleased to announce the reopening of the Jamaica Archives Unit (JAU), located at 27 King Street, Spanish Town, St. Catherine, on June 17, 2024.
We appreciate your understanding during the period of closure and are eager to assist our valued customers once again.
For further information or assistance, please contact us via email at [email protected] or by telephone at 876-984-2581 or 876-984-5001.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Holdings - Audio Visual

The Audiovisual collections consist of audio and video materials of the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation (JBC) at the time of its divestment to the Radio Jamaica (RJR) Group in June 1997.  Clause 6.4 of the GOJ/JBC/RJR Heads of Agreement (June 1997) stated inter alia …”the video library and archives belonging to the JBC shall be vested in the Archivist pursuant to the Archives Act…”

There is also an interesting array of plaques, models, awards and photographs from the defunct Air Jamaica.

The video collection consists of transmitted programmes aired on JBC TV, from the 1980’s until the time of its divestment.  These programmes cover newscasts, documentaries, comedies, commentaries as well as features on a wide variety of subjects relating to Jamaica’s history and culture. Included are historical footage on important events such as elections and special parliamentary sessions, state visits and state funerals.  The audio collections comprise a variety of phonographic records and audiotapes. There is also an extensive photo collection.


Although the collection is under the physical custody of the Jamaica Archives & Records Department, the intellectual property rights inherent in the materials is owned by the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica (PBCJ).  This is a statutory body which was established in April 2006 under the Public Broadcasting Corporation of Jamaica Act. This Act repealed the Jamaica Broadcasting Corporation Act and made provision for public service broadcasting. The assets of the former JBC were vested in the PBCJ.  These assets include the copyright in the video library and archives (Section 11 of the Act.).

Access to the collection is therefore governed not only by the provisions of relevant legislation such as the Copyright Act (1993) and the Archives Act (1982), but also by the policies of the PBCJ. All requests for audiovisual material should be sent directly to the PBCJ at the address noted below.  Applicants should give as much information as possible regarding the item(s) requested to assist the archives in its search, as we try to respond speedily to each request.